About Mae Gomez

My name is Sheila Mae Gomez – social media strategist at (Dlinkers – a non-voice BPO company based in Iloilo City Unlideals Co. – Iloilo’s Online Site. I was born June 1992 and I will be turning 21 25 soon. Gawd. They say, maintaining a blog and writing all the stuff that makes you happy will help you cope better at times when you are less inspired and demotivated – just go back to the posts which you have written. I have been at WordPress since 2009 and I consider this my personal space.

Forgive me, I am no writer but I am trying my best to write. With no particular topic, I just type whatever I feel like worth publishing in my own standard – well this is the best about personal blogging – I write at my own will. Lol.

I am never expecting more eyes to fall on my blog but hey, WP statistic would tell me that there are visitor and I hope you find it – oh interesting? cool? informative. Nah… or you are just as crazy as me?

I’ll be so glad if you’ll connect with me 🙂 Tip: Choose Twitter – I open it 10x a day compared to other accounts. 😀

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