Where to Eat in Iloilo: Baga Cerveza and Ihaw

Cheers to a new day when the young bloods are here to join the journey in internet marketing world. We organized this dine out to help strengthen the relationship between the new and the old agents and Baga was chosen to be the place of hangout. We spent the night over meals that we missed eating from all time favorite street food isaw and barbecue plus our elementary days favorite – ice scramble!

Baga Cerveza and Ihaw Chill

Baga Cerveza and Ihaw Menu:

Baga Cerveza and Ihaw Menu

Here are some glimpses of what we ordered:

Baga Cerveza and Ihaw Ice Scramble

Ice Scramble

Baga Cerveza and Ihaw Isaw and Pork Barbecue

Isaw and Pork Barbecue

Baga Cerveza and Ihaw Pork Tocino

Pork Tocino

Baga Cerveza and Ihaw Sisig Carbonara

Sisig Carbonara

Baga Cerveza and Ihaw Spam Club

Spam Club

How to Get There:

Baga Cerveza and Ihaw is located in front of John B Lacson Molo. If you are from Molo, Mandurriao and Villa Arevalo area, you can ride Baluarte Derecho, Villa Mohon and Baybay, Molo and Hibao-an Mandurriao jeepneys. If you are from downtown area, you can ride Villa Mohon or Baybay and Mandurriao Molo or Hibao-an going to Arevalo and Madurriao areas.

Baga Cerveza and Ihaw

Because the most of the new hires came from the same school where we also came from, we spent some time reminiscing the college days experiences.

Team Dlinkers at Baga Cerveza and Ihaw

Baga Cerveza and Ihaw is ideal for group of friends who are looking for a place to chill after a long day at work or school.


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