School Essentials: Starter Pack

Welcome to academic year 2017-2018! Another awesome and exciting school year has arrived again. I may no longer be a student anymore but I would like to share what were inside my bag during my student life.


College Days. Photo by: jericDeJosef

Here are the things I used to carry with me and helped me a lot to graduate:

Bag. I love carrying big and spacious handbag or shoulder bag. I am really the type who carries smaller bags or paper bags for my other stuff. As much as possible, I keep all my things in one bag. I find it convenient since we transfer from one building to another to take classes.

Pen. Actually, I used to carry pens (even now). It’s an advantage if you have more than one pen to make sure you have something to write when the other one runs out of ink. I also thought that my classmates would carry a single pen with them and it would be difficult to find something to borrow.

Intermediate Sized Pad. This size flexible. You can cut it into one half crosswise, one half-length wise, or one-fourth. No need to buy these variety of paper sizes. I keep all these sizes on my bag so it is easy to pull a paper when there is an exam.

Notebook/s. I still find notebooks necessary. It is always a good feeling that you have something to write on. Workbooks and handouts or soft copy notes are already trending but you can still jot down important date or details on a page of a notebook.

Umbrella. Did I say we need to transfer from one building to another? An umbrella is so important to protect you from either the sun or the rain. Opt for two or three folds so you can keep it inside your bag.

Tumbler. I find this essential for savings. We have ATM (Automatic Tubig Machine) all throughout our campus. Instead of buying bottled water every time you are thirsty, you can refill water for 1 peso. Also, it helped me avoid buying sugary drinks for lunch or snacks.

Tissue. I just find it essential to wipe everything clean – toilet seat, utensils, dusty chairs, whiteboard, chalkboard or even my shoes.

Flash Drive. Having flash drive was such a gem. You can your assignments, soft copy notes, or you can even copy movies and dramas from your classmates who are industrious enough to share what they have.

Vanity Kit. School is stressful but this should not let you look haggard. Looking fresh is possible. I only carry with me these:

  • Comb to keep my hair neat.
  • Pressed powder to keep my face not too oily.
  • Lip balm/tint/stick to keep not to look pale.
  • Cologne to keep myself smelling nice.

Laptop. It is a necessities for me being an IT student. Having your own is convenient that you can do your programming codes anytime, anywhere. A laptop would also help you kill time through watching movies, dramas or playing Plants vs Zombie (from our era)

Cellphone. This is the most important of all. It is a big help in bridging the communications between students ad teachers. Between classmates. And for student who are away from home, it bridges the gap between children and parents.

Choose a phone like Oppo F3 Plus as the silent witness for all the memories from all the parties, trips, sleepover, presentations and bloopers through pictures. Its wide-angle camera is perfect for capturing group moments. In addition, because it has improve antenna lines, the WiFi performance is enhanced so you can upload your selfies and groufies on your favorite social channels fast and easy. Plus it has a 4000mah battery life so you won’t have to worry too much getting a ‘low battery’ warning while talking to your family, classmates or teachers.


On top of these school essentials, there are also non-physical things that you should carry with you everyday to help you meet your greatest dream of graduating. Here are my top three:

  • Motivation – to wake up early, go to school, study, learn, enjoy.
  • Courage – to overcome bumps along the way and help you keep a mindset that you are brave to face all adversities.
  • Sense of Humor – to stay happy and bubbly because you may give up early is you take everything too seriously.

Good luck to every one! Make this academic year an awesome one!


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