Where to Eat in Iloilo: Cafe Gloria

Unplanned. Just several steps from work, there is a food spot that you must checkout when you want to try something new. It is located at 55 Quezon St Villa Arevalo just along the way.

cafe gloria iloilo

What you will appreciate best in the place is the ambiance that is giving you – similar to a place like home. They are serving different choices of food from sandwiches to pasta to beer matches. They also have all day breakfast meals of the Pinoy favorites – Silog.

cafe gloria ambiance

Cafe Gloria Menu:

Cafe Gloria Menu
Photo from Cafe Gloria’s FB Page

We had Tuna Pesto and Bolognese at P145 each. The serving is already good for 2 persons. Macaroons at P20 – I must say that this is a must-try. Their juices is at P45 per glass. We had Raspberry, Citrus Malunggay, Blue Lemonade and Citrus Lemonade.  We also had chocolate cake at P90 per slice and french fries and Japanese siomai at P50 per serving.

cafe gloria juices
Raspberry, Citrus Malunggay, Blue Lemonade and Citrus Lemonade
cafe gloria bolognese
cafe gloria tuna pesto
Tuna Pesto

I don’t share places where the food isn’t delicious so trust me, the flavor is worth the price you are to pay.

How to get there:

Since it is located away from the busy heart of the city, there is only one PUJ you can ride from the city so you can get there: Villa Baybay (make sure to ride Baybay not Mohon).

Aside from eating, you can also enjoy playing board games like Monopoly and Scrabble. It has been a while since the last time I faced a scrabble board and tiles and yes – I got the lowest score.

Cafe Gloria is open Monday to Thursday 9AM to 9PM and Friday-Sunday – 9AM to 11PM. It was fun!

Have you been there? Share your comments!


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