Where to Eat in Iloilo: Lars Buko Batchoy

When we say Iloilo, we think can immediately think about Batchoy. We are such a batchoy haven and we love soup (kaldo) dearly. In every corner of the city, you can almost found an eatery serving variety of warm soup – arroz caldo, kansi, pancit molo or batchoy. In Mandurriao district, there is a unique place serving a fusion dish called Buko Batchoy.

she and nile at lars buko batchoy

From the name itself, you can already visualize that the batchoy is in the buko. During our trip in Antique last 2015, we had the chance to taste the flavor of Dandanzoy’s Buko Batchoy and here’s another opportunity to savor a more Ilonggo taste.

The Look

Instead of a regular bowl (yahong), the batchoy is served in a coconut. The flesh is grated in strings and you can visibly see it mixing with the regular noodles (pancit). Each serving has a lot of ingredients (panakot) that makes it visually appetizing.

lars buko batchoy

The Taste

It is a little sweet like binakol because of the buko juice being mixed to the soup. Different texture to munch in your mouth – the noodles, the buko strings, the pork, the liver (atay) and more.

Pair your batchoy with puto – sincerely better than Sonny and Cher, Honey and Bear.

lars buko batchoy with puto

Lars Buko Batchoy Menu

Aside from Buko Batchoy, there are a lot of food choices you can have. Special mention to Cocopao.

lars buko batchoy menu 1

lars buko batchoy menu

How to Get There

For commuters, you should ride a Molo Mandurriao or SM City Mandurriao jeepney. Also tell the driver to pass “De Leon” so you will be able to pass the eatery site. The place is a block away from district plaza and market.

Post Updates

This post is updated September 5, 2015.

Nile and I were back to cover the event of Zapp Donuts and Drinks in Iloilo. We can’t resist the Egg in a Hole Buko Burger so we gave in.

The price is P100 and it is already good for sharing.


It took around thirty minutes for our orders to arrive so it would be best if you have something to keep yourself busy with. In addition, look at your best because they are taking pictures of their happy customers.

Photo credits to: Nile Kris Jan


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