Share Iloilo: Mila’s Hills Inland Resort

21 kilometers away from the City of Love, there lays a family getaway spot that fits your budget – Mila’s Hill Inland Resort. From 8AM to 5PM, you can definitely enjoy their amenities for guests of all ages. Let me archive my experience on the said resort.


Since we want trip become easier on the pocket, we took a package deal from Unlideals – Enjoy A Group Daytime Escapade for 20 Persons at Mila’s Hills, Now For Only P212 Per Person. Here are the inclusions:

• One Daytime Cottage, Good For 20 Persons.
• Swimming, Good For 20 Persons.
• Entrance Fee, Good For 20 Persons.
• Zipline, Good For 20 Persons.
• Viking Ride, Good For 20 Persons.
• No Corkage for Food Corkage Drinks: P75 per case; 15 per 1.5 bottle.

There are also a lot of packages from Mila’s Hills that you can choose from depending on how much your budget is and how many you are coming.
Because there is no corkage for food, we took with us grilled bangus and pork belly, rice, chicken adobo, fruits and a lot of chips. For drinks, they charge a very little amount for few cases of soft drinks and light drinks. The resort also offers home-cooked meals so we ordered a few – bulalo, pancit, chopseuy and crispy pata. Burp.

How to Get There:

We booked a PUJ (Public Utility Jeepney) in advance to take the family there. For commuters, you can go to Iloilo Terminal Market and ride a Zarraga or New Lucena jeepney and please tell the driver or the fare inspector to drop you off the area in the resort.
You can also find Mila’s Hills via Google Maps.

Travel time is around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

We arrived there before lunch and we enjoyed several activities included in the package. First – skycycle or biking in the sky.

milas hill skycycle
I was a bit hesitant because I really fear heights. So I requested one of the staff to go with me so that if anything goes wrong, he is an expert.
After cycling, we gave way for the kids to have their time also – to ride the Mila’s Train! Chooo… chooo.. chooo…


milas train
That was already a lot but the fun was just starting. We also tried their water fun activities for all ages! Even my mom enjoyed paddling the swan ride!

milas swan ride

To this point we have to recharge our energy and fill in our stomach so we just spare some time to eat good food.

milas hills lunch

lunch at milas hills

After lunch, we immediately grabbed the opportunity to swim in their pool! It is always a good feeling to swim in the water, especially that this time there were really a lot of people.

milas hills pool

milas pool
The adventure doesn’t just end in the water. Mila’s Hills is also famous for its mini zoo – so will have an ample time to spend time with these diverse creatures. I tried my best capturing some of the animals you may meet there.

milas snake

animals at milas hills

animals at milas hills

animals at milas hills

animals at milas hills

animals at milas hills
The latter part in the afternoon was the most exciting of all – a couple of ‘extreme’ activities here – Zipline and Rock & Roll.
I have existed for more than two decades in this world, been to many places and given a lot of chances to do zipline but this was my first time. The fear and hesitation that enveloped me the moment I stepped on the zipline platform was immeasurable. It took me almost 30 minutes wearing the harness and paraphernalia before I decided to get released from the stopper. The 1st 5 seconds was the worst – and after that everything just felt magical. I can watch the resort’s aerial view. Then I realized that I am bigger than my fears.

milas hills zipline

But wait there’s more. Your Mila’s Hills adventure wouldn’t be complete if you will not try the ridiculous ride – Rock and Roll. From the name itself, it will literally rock and roll your peaceful world – turning you upside down.
Want to take a peak of how it works? Here’s our real ride:

The sun has already set the moment we decided to leave. My muscles are aching, my throat is soaring and my skin is burning but all these set of memories will never be forgotten.


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