Gift Ideas for HER This Valentines under P500

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! In less than one month, it is again the season to celebrate love. Flowers and chocolates has been the most popular gifts during this occasion but there are also other choices you can opt to give your special someone. Don’t worry about the budget too much because you can give gifts under P500. Here are some of the few suggestions:

The Timekeeper

This is for all wrist watch lovers. Try to give her a fashionable and trendy yet budget-friendly accessory and the best example is a wrist watch. There are variety of color and design that you can choose from depending on her personality and favorite color.

The Beach Lover

Is your girl somebody who loves the beach? Then these gift ideas are for her. You can opt to give her a waterproof mobile phone case so that her phone will not get damaged should she take a selfie together near the water.

The Outdoorsy

Hiking somewhere? Deciding to go overnight because you need more hours to reach to mountains peak? Or you just want to spend the night together under the lights of the stars while roasting you marshmallows? Then these camping lamps are perfect choice!

The Audiophile

Music is very helpful in improving the mood. Whenever she feels down, her favorite song can automatically lift her up. Whenever she misses you, she can just play you love song together and everything will just be alright.

The Plushies

Huggable stuffed creators are always adorable. How much more if it comes from you? What is her favorite animal? A dog, a bear or a panda or a cat? Any of these will make her feel special. Pretty sure she will display it on her room or even keep it beside her when she sleeps.

The Well-Organized

Not so obsessive compulsive but loves to keep her things organized? Then you should give her stuffs for organizing. Good for her gadgets, travel essentials, shoes, or socks. She will appreciate that.

The Selfie Expert

Click. Snap. Post. She is the kind of girl who keeps you memories together! All you dates, your travels, your trips. Get her a selfie stick and for sure no more bad angles will be kept. Just be ready to get flooded by selfies!

Finding Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t always come in big costs. Gifts may be wrapped by special love, taped with extraordinary affection and given with exceptional message.


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