OPPO F1s: Holiday Getaway

Few days from now and it is already Christmas! We may not spend the holidays at Maldives, yet we are blessed enough to have a holiday break – with pay. Last day of work for us this year is on the 23rd and we will be back in business by 2nd of Jan 2017. Isn’t it wonderful?

Traditionally, we are spending the holidays over Negros Occidental – where most of our family members are living. Although I was born and raised in Iloilo, a lot of our relatives are living in Negros Occidental – specifically in Bacolod and Talisay City. In the previous years, we were able to explore top destinations in the island including Mambukal Mountain Resort, Campuestohan Highland Resort and The Ruins. This year, we planned something bigger! We are conquering Sipalay City where one of our grandfather lives.

It is going to be a long ride on the roads of Negros just to uncover the natural beauty of the beaches on the said place. According to my cousins, travel time from Talisay is approximately 6 to 7 hours. This is going to be awesome!

To make our holiday trip more awe-inspiring, I have personally listed the things I am bringing.

Oversized Tote Bag – being on the go, it would be more practical to have a big tote bag. It would be convenient to just carry everything inside in the lightweight bag.

Sunscreen – the sun is smiling so bright and we should protect our precious skin from harmful UV rays. The easiest way to do so is through sunscreen application.

Flip flops – while many are comfortable walking bare footed at the beach, I prefer to protect my feet with flip flops from the hot beach sand

Sunglasses – while sunscreen protects the skin from the sun, sunglasses is a good option to protect the eyes. It can also help you observe the people around you without being too obvious.

Waterproof Mobile Phone Case – having waterproof case for mobile phone will help you capture more memorable moments at the beach without worrying that your phone might get damaged.

Bottled Water – keep yourself hydrated all the time. Be ready by carrying bottled water in your tote bag. It can also help you save more for you will no longer buy one along the way.

Extra Clothes – it would be better to take one or two extra clothes along with you. You might get uncomfortable or your clothes might get wet with beach water or sweat.

Bluetooth Speaker – music is our universal language. Because we really can’t sing well, it would be better to carry Bluetooth speaker along the way to prevent dull moments.

Powerbank – never get run of power again. We are expecting a long travel time and a powerbank on hand is a big help to keep the phones and speakers working.

Selfie Expert Phone –Click. Click. Click. The moment is never complete without taking pictures. Through a phone like OPPO F1s, no more gloomy selfies will be shared online.

Here’s my simple infographics for easy pinning!


1..2..3..! We are ready! Our boss may not take us to a luxurious holiday getaway trip but I think it is more beautiful that he is rewarding us few days to spend it with our families to the destination of our choice.

Wherever you are headed to this season, make sure you must capture moments that are oh so worth it! Memories shared with our loved ones are all so priceless.

Looking forward for next week to take some time to rest, enjoy and reward myself for one year of hard work! See you on my posts!


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