Where to Eat in Iloilo: Doughnutillo

It was one Saturday when we planned to get a new phone on an installment basis & we have decided to check the installment option offered by one store at SM Cyberzone.

After a series of calculations and applying Mathematics in our daily life, we have realized that it was quite impractical – but Aubrey dear, our Marketing Specialist persuaded us to check out another similar option located at Plazuela. At first, I thought it is also a stall or an office but to my surprise, it is a doughnut stand – they just have the same owner.

The goal really is to look for gadget installment option but we ended up eating doughnuts – one fine Saturday. So here it goes:


Doughnutillo is Iloilo’s very own home-made doughnut. Each costs P28.00 and you can choose from different toppings – Nutty Yema, Pineapple, Choco, Mango, Buko and Apple Cinnamon.


May I present to you my supermegaatomic photography skills:

What I got was Yema:


Mayflor took Apple Cinnamon:


Aubrey ordered Mango:


They are also serving coffee at P50.00. According to their staff, when you buy a piece of doughnut and cup of coffee, all you have to pay is P68.00 – yes, you save P10.00. Savings!


They also sell doughnut in bulk – boxes of 4 and 6 (which I forgot to ask how much). They also accept delivery (and I also forgot to ask about their delivery range) and yes I asked about the minimum order required, but they don’t know about it yet. Their delivery number? Hehe.

Promise, I will update the details of the blog soon.


They have a small area where you can enjoy your doughnut – ideally for maximum of 5 pax. Anyway, you can carry your orders as you stroll along Plazuela.


If you are near the area, their doughnuts are a must-try. The staff and the owner’s sister are so accommodating. Thanks!


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