Where to Eat in Iloilo: Toto Batchoy

The perfect time of the day to take a sip of Batchoy’s soup is when the raindrops start to kiss the busy street of the city. In the home of the delicious Batchoy, you can almost find a spot in every corner of the street.

Perhaps you may want to try some other spots except from the famous brands. For as low as P65 you can enjoy a bowl of Batchoy. You can choose your preferred noodles – meke, bihon or pancit. In addition, you can also add some toppings such as extra chicharon or egg. They are also selling puto for only P20 (3 pieces).


Aside from the Batchoy, the refreshment is also offering silog meals at affordable prices. Try to visit them once – they are conveniently located inside the Amigo Terrace Hotel at Iznart Street and several public utility vehicle are passing by the area.

Toto Batchoy Iloilo Menu




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