Changing The Way You Do Your Selfie with #OPPOF1s and Be A #SelfieExpert

Click. Snap. Post. Selfies are indeed a trend today. Most of us are too obsessed with their self-portrait. Some would take less than a hundred shot because they want to get the best one possible and use it as avatar on their profiles. Sure, you want to look the best on our social profiles, I want that too. But what if we are going to change the way we look at selfies? More than just being an avatar or a photo status update after an inspiring quote, you can choose to take your selfies to a deeper meaning – be a #SelfieExpert and a game changer at the same time.

Make a Statement

marine sanctuary
Translation: Preserve the homes of the fishes to continue the livelihood.

Use your selfies to convey a message to your friends. It can be a simple announcement or reminder for all of them. More than just showing your beautiful face, it can also be a great help to everyone. Tell them your message – to take their simplest part on marine conservation for example. Remind them that there are lives in the marine resources and encourage your audience to be a part of something that takes good care of the nature. This is not just about our present generation but as well helping out in the next generations to come.

Empower Others

fun run
Early morning run for Iloilo leg.

Through taking selfies you can empower others. Posting pictures of joining on events is not just being in trend or being cool. For example, engaging in fun run activities can be more than just running. You can be an advocate of cancer awareness or someone who supports brands that also supports kids of joining sports instead of having vices. Aside from the certificate you can get after reaching the finish line, you are already an advocate who chose to run for a cause. Other activities you can join are medical mission, school supply drive, tree planting and other outdoor or camping activities.

Share the Beauty of the World

Sun-kissed selfie with Chipipayrocks.

For all the bad things that are happening in our place we have to remember that there is are so many things to appreciate. We all have our “before I die” or “I dreamed of this” moment and places but sometimes it is just very near you. Don’t forget to take some selfie shots of your travel destinations. Beyond sharing your pictures and your travel destinations, it can also be a medium where you are a catalyst of tourism promotion. Be you own version of helping the places that has yet to be discovered. Pictures posted online can be stored in the memory of the web forever – it can be searched anywhere. Imagine if local and foreign tourists can see your travel selfie, it can be a similar to inviting them to see the beauty of the place you have been to and it can be a great help for the local tourism.

Tell a Story

palawan underwater
Swim with the fishes.

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Document it all. You will never know how brave you are until you try to do it. You can also help in encouraging others to overcome their fears and to make them believe that they can do something they thought they can’t.

Selfie is not selfish. With the rise of different social media platforms, we are all too excited to flood our friends with updates from us. We want to get attention, to get noticed – it is our self-representation. But let us all remember to take the best selfie, we should use a great smartphone like the #OPPOF1s and of course to be responsible of posting pictures online. More than a head turner, you’re selfie could be more meaningful… perhaps; it can be a game changer.


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