Where to Eat in Iloilo: Kitty Hauz Tapsilogan

I do love silog (sinangag – fried rice and itlog) meals everyday the whole day. It doesn’t really matter if its for lunch or dinner or midnight snack but as long as there’s fried egg, I will be fine.


Just a few minute walk from our workplace there are a lot of carinderias and refreshment perhaps because of the presence of hospital, schools and establishments. Among the array of available refreshment, there is a stand out – Kitty Hauz Tapsilogan. They serve common tapsilog and other silog meals but what makes it stand out is the Hello Kitty Theme. Every ornament and display are purely Hello Kitty stuff from the owner’s personal collection.


From their tables to chairs to centerpieces, all are in Hello Kitty.

This is already their second branch as they were able to open their first one at Tanza area. To give you a variety of option, here is their menu:


What we had for lunch were malingsilog and longsilog. Surprisingly, their sinangag was also served in Hello Kitty shape.


My MalingSiLog


Nile’s LongSiLog

On the top of the food, what is waiting for you there is the endless photo opportunity with Kitty stuff especially for kitty fan – like me.




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