Where to Eat in Iloilo: Book Latte

It was a rainy Friday afternoon when we decided to find a place to go for some coffee. After arguing for several places to go, I didn’t know why we ended up choosing Book Latte – many thanks to Cherrie who agreed to pay for our coupon (and yes we will pay her back on payday XD) and many thanks to Mam Flo for “2nd celebration” after we had lunch at Tuki Restobar.

Book Latte Hanging Books

Book Latte is located at De Leon St. (Robinsons Place) just across Mang Inasal on the lane of Biscocho Haus. As you open the door, you will be welcome by hanging books, framed doodles, unique decor, chairs and tables – I can’t help but notice – the ambiance is different from a typical place to eat – SILENCE PLEASE. *cries*

Book Latte Logo

From the logo itself – you can already say that the place isn’t typical. Here, you can borrow books, make your own assignment, discuss work or school related projects and concerns while you enjoy sumptuous eats.

Book Latte Experience

But the most important objective of this post is taking you to a virtual food trip. Let me share to you what we’ve taste in this food haven.

Book Latte’s Sandwiches

Book Latte Sandwiches

Here, we got the chance to try their Chicken and Tuna Melt Sandwiches.

Book Latte’s Pasta

Book Latte Spaghetti

Book Latte Carbonara (2)

Book Latte Carbonara

Spaghetti with Meatball and Carbonara

Book Latte’s Drinks

Book Latte Coffee

Book Latte Lime and Soda

Coffee, Raspberry & Strawberry Lime and Soda plus pitchers of Ice Tea

Book Latte’s Chocolate Experience

Book Latte Chocolate Cake

Book Latte Banana Nutella

I don’t need a description. I will leave it to you based on the images.

Saving the best for “fries”. If dining here is compared to Zumba, the fries could serve as the “cooling down” portion. I don’t make sense and I knew it. Bye.

Book Latte Fries

Yup, just like you, the very first thing I am checking prior to visiting a place is their menu – to see if it will hurt my pocket or not. So as a little guide, here are the grabs of their menu book (prices may change from the date this blog is posted). Many thanks to Mayflor for holding the menu book as I took pictures).

Book Latte Menu

Book Latte Menu (3)

Book Latte Menu (2)

If you want added savings, you can also visit Book Latte’s deals via Unlideals to see the perfect meal package for you and your friends. As for us, we chose Frozen Iced Tea Meal Package At Book Latte, Good For 4 Persons and Pastime Meal Package, Good For 4 Persons At Book Latte.

Book Latte Unlideals

It was one of few freaky Fridays in my life yet the Book Latte experience is something to keep. See you in the next food spotting!


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