Where to Eat in Iloilo: The PYT STOP La Paz

Food – taste of heaven here on Earth. If you are a native of Iloilo City trying to search for affordable and sumptuous food to treat your friends and family, or you are a local or foreign tourist who is searching for an awesome place which sells food that will fill your stomach but will not hurt your pocket, then Google took you to the right blog!

PYT Stop Dlinkers All

Let me introduce you to the PYT STOP – it is a small restaurant located right in front of La Paz Plaza. What we love the most about this place is their BOODLE FIGHT!

PYT Stop Food

Pyt Stop Food

PYT Stop Food Full

Boodle Fight – it means attack the food. It is an eating tradition of the Philippine Military Academy where all gathers at the table and newspaper or banana leaves serve as cloth. Everyone shall eat with bare hands.

PYT Stop Boodle Fight

They’ve got menus which are tailored according to your number and to your budget of course. Please take note that the prices may change through the years. Hoho.

PYT Stop Menu 1

At DLinkers, we are twelve that time so we ordered two Kasadyahan Boodle Fight.

PYT Stop Kasadyahan

After their waiter (which are dressed like cadets) serve the food, they’ve got tradition that before we can start eating, we need to chant like real members of the armed forces. The chant goes this way:

Leader: Are you ready to boodle fight?!
Us: Yes! Fight fight fight!

Please see our PYT Stop Chant Video

PYT Stop Chant Frame

PYT Stop Chant

Then the best part – where everyone is silent (because nobody wants to be disturbed hoho)

PYT Stop Che

PYT Stop Cherrie

PYT Stop Cris Mik Key

Burp Burp Burp.

PYT Stop Nile She Che Lea

Life is still good with good food. Would you like to ask if the food was really delicious? Here is our answer:

PYT Stop After

PYT Stop Happy Faces


Have you eaten at the PYT STOP as well? Or do you plan to eat? Share your thoughts through the comments! Or mention me at Twitter @shemaegomez.


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