Share Antique: Kawa Hot Bath

After a tiring trail we accomplished it is just so perfect to find yourself in a deep hot kawa bath. Yeah kawa is where we usually cook some dishes but this time I am the one being cooked. Lol don’t worry about it too much. Warmth is just enough to sooth your tired muscles. They got 5 kawa I think – of different sizes. There are kawa which is good of one person and there are kawa which can accommodate up to 5 persons – and this is where I chose to be – in the biggest kawa.

Kawa Hot Bath

Who does it better? Me or Anastasia Steele? LOL

Loading … I stayed there for an hour.

Kawa Hot Bath

Sharing Kawa is Love

The hot bath costs P200 and I am not too sure if there is a corresponding time for it because we came there late in the afternoon and the owner told us we can stay there as long as we want.

Antique Kawa Hot Bath

Lea and Ivy in their own Kawa

Then again, the drivers waited for us (while hot bathing) so they can bring us to the bus station and we can go to the resort where we will spend the night.

Want more pics @ Kawa? Please feel free to see my full album.


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