Share Antique: Where the Mountains Meet the Seas

As promised, Archie, Mam Flo and I have set the date (February 20, 2015) to explore the hometown of Milyu – Antique. We opened this up with our other colleagues and they too were excited to join us. The original plan was only the three of us plus Milyu but we didn’t expect that others would come to – and yes the more the merrier. Who else have joined the adventure? They are Alen, and his sister Cherrie, bffs Lea and Ivy, then Cris and her lablab Jaime (whatever the spelling is). Unfortunately, big boss and Kayi weren’t able to come and join us —- maybe the next trip.

The Rendezvous.

Molo Terminal

Meeting place is at 6:00 AM at Molo Terminal. Ummm don’t ask me to explain what happened at the road trip because I know nothing except sleeping and vomiting – (I really have a badddddd motion sickness).
So, to make the whole story shorter, here’s our itinerary. The original one wasn’t followed – but the whole trip was a blast. As in super mega atomic experience.

#ShareAntique Part 1: Finding the Best Buko Batchoy in Town

Antique Buko Batchoy
#ShareAntique Part 2: Tuno’s Bugtong Bato Waterfalls

Bugtong Bato Waterfalls
#ShareAntique Part 3. Kawa Hot Bath

Kawa Hot Bath

#ShareAntique Part 4: Sunset by the Beach and Malalison

Sunset at Malalison Island

#ShareAntique Part 5: Island Hopping – Malalison

Malalison Island Arrival

We stayed at Angelo’s Beach Resort. We bought some pasalubong in the store at the boundary of Hamtic, Antique and San Joaquin.

Hope this can inspire you onto your next trip!


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