Where to Eat in Iloilo: Dessert in the Sky

Yeah it is my first time to experience these two amazing events. FIRST TIME. AND I DON’T CARE IF YOU WILL TWEET IT. Lol. Getting back to my story it all happened last Thursday, January 22, 2015. Oh 22nd day of the month (it is actually my 32nd monthsary at work) so let’s triple the celebration. In line with the celebration of 2015 Dinagyang, the Luces in the Sky is one of the events you could have not missed. Luckily, my colleagues are all so interested to witness the event. So we go.

Desserts in the Sky

We left the office by 6PM. Since the event will start by 7PM we have decided to visit one of the most talked about coffee shop in town – D.I.T.S short for Desserts in the Sky. We ordered a couple of bread, frost and a plate of pasta.

Desserts in the Sky

Here is mine: Tuna Sandwich and Coffee Caramel Frost

Well I must admit that it was a little bit out of the budget but it was delicious.

Desserts in the Sky

Happy Tummy.


Boom. Boom. Boom. Fireworks display is starting already. So we left and find a place to see the fireworks perfectly.

Luces in the Sky

FIRST TIME. Cheers to another first time experience in my life. It has been in existence since 5 years ago but it is my first time to witness it live. For the last five years, I have contended myself in hearing the description from radio announcers telling the listeners how wonderful the pyrotechnics are lighting up the sky. Or through browsing it from Facebook pages or blog which displays amazing shots by professional photographers.
But this year is different – I am really there. My eyes are a pair of silent witness to flying sparklers. Amazed. Stunned. Dazed. (Well not to mention the lovers who kept on hugging and giggling beside me. Gawd.)

Luces in the Sky

Forgive me. I am no professional photographer.


Surprised. Most people were expressing their disappointment to what they have seen. I can conclude that most were in disbelief, the event has not met their expectation. As for me, it was still awesome for there were no past comparisons I can make.

Photo Credits to Myrell Panes Hechanova (Grabbed it from Mayor Jed's FB page)

Photo Credits to Myrell Panes Hechanova (Grabbed it from Mayor Jed’s FB page)

I just hope I can repeat these experiences next year. Btw, I walked from Plazuela to UP stop light. I am not sure about the distance but It was all the worth.

Image Credits: Mayor Jed’s FB Page & Archie’s Instagram



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