Keep Calm and Keep Hooked

We are living in a postmodern era where almost everything is instant, ready-made and digital. How many does the effort of doing things using the cleverness of their bare hands? Do you still take the time to explore DIY stuffs to see that you can do something for yourself?

One lazy afternoon, my office mate Felisa asked me if I do know how to do crochet. Without a second thought, I said yes. Minutes later, I think over and over again and asked myself: Do I really know how to do crochet? I was once taught by my grade school teacher on our livelihood subject the basic of crochet and it was almost ten years ago.

At my day-off, I went downtown and find myself entering a tailoring store. I bought a thread ball and a special needle for crochet. As soon as I get home, I immediately to my surprised, my hands seemed to have their own minds, following the exact thing of how the proper stitches should be done.

I thought of making a cell phone case but laziness attacked me and I stopped halfway then decided to make it as a coin purse instead. After several stitches, I locked it and sew a zipper.

Yes I spent one day in doing this purse but I guess it is all worth it. I am the only one in town having this and I can tell anybody that I did it – with my bare hands.

Here it is:

Photo-0418 Photo-0419 Photo-0421 Photo-0422 Photo-0424 Photo-0425


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